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Idli Podi | Milagai Podi | Gunpowder
A coarse spice mixture condiment used as a side dish for South Indian breakfast like idli and dosa.
Idli Podi / Milagai Podi
Prep Time
10 minutes

Cook Time
15 minutes
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Idli Podi / Milagai Podi
  1. Heat a pan and dry roast sesame till golden, transfer into a plate and keep aside.
  2. Heat 1 tsp oil in the same pan and add asafoetida, dry red chilies and curry leaves and wait till they splutter. Turn off the gas, transfer into a bowl/ plate and keep aside.
  3. Again heat the pan with 1 tsp oil and add chana dal and urad dal. Saute till golden and keep aside to cool.
  4. Collect all the sauteed ingredients with turmeric and salt together in a blender jar and grind to make a coarse powder.
  5. Store the podi in an air tight jar and serve with oil before serving.
Recipe Notes

Serving Suggestions : Grease a pan or tawa with 1-2 tsp of ghee. When the ghee melts, coat the idlis and warm them from both sides. Add prepare podi or gunpowder and toss the idlis till they are well coated with the podi mix. Serve warm.


If you like this easy condiment recipe then try making at home and enjoy with friends and family. Also share your views or feedback with me in comments below.

Love : Shaheen

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